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 Wanna be a GM

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PostSubject: Wanna be a GM   Wanna be a GM EmptyTue Apr 07, 2009 1:15 am

Hello guys,
My Name is Daniel i'm from Germany and I want to support the server as Event Supporter.
I could also help German players that are on the server.
I have alot knowledge about the GM Codes and much fantasy, which I can use for great Events.
I were already on about 7 Private Servers and I also was GM at one of them.
You can also have alot of fun with me, I love Jokes^^
At the Server where I was GM they said I am very friendly and helpful.

Meow, Im sure, also when I won't get a GM I will stay on this server.

Your [b][i]D00MER
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Wanna be a GM
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